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The Leading Esports Betting Malaysia at 12Play Online Casino

The term “Esports” is referred to as competitive video gaming, electronic sports. In recent times, esports betting Malaysia is becoming very popular in the online betting market. The reason for this is that the advent of the internet has overlapped the geographical and social barriers and it has now become possible betting on all sports and esports events conducted in any part of the globe from another part of it. Before you place your money in any esports betting Malaysia, keep in mind that you always need to get a licensed online casino site on the internet that you can trust. Here, we strongly recommend you, 12Play online gambling in Malaysia is a legal casino online site in the town that fulfills all your requirements.

Esports Casino Malaysia: The Trend in Online Casino

Esports betting Malaysia is relatively a new type of betting in the market as compared to traditional online gambling such as live casino, slots gambling, or sports betting. The growth has been so tremendous that it is being estimated in 2020, the esports betting market will be worth near to $30 billion globally. The esports fanbase is huge as is popular among teens and youngsters. Casual gamers play video games solely for entertainment and fun. While most of them are just playing casually, some of the gamers enter online esports tournaments and become professional esports gamers. Casual gaming can be competitive. However, professional esports is at another whole new level. Esports gamers have become an attractive career option when they can earn so much more than an ordinary employee.

Competitive Esports Betting Malaysia for E-Tournaments

There are hundreds of different esports games. At 12Play esports casino Malaysia, you will get the widest scope for esports betting on all the leading popular tournaments. Here at 12Play online casino Malaysia, we made betting easy for you by giving you good coverage on the esports events. At our website with a mobile-friendly design, you are able to check all tournaments and leagues available in each esports game. You will not miss a single occasion of esports betting Malaysia. Also, we have the best esports betting online providers in Malaysia, which are CMD368 and Inplay Matrix.

Esports Betting Games Provider: CMD368

CMD367 is one of the top sportsbooks online that not only offers esports betting Malaysia, but also offers live dealer games, fishing games, 4D casino lottery betting, poker, slot games online Malaysia and many more. Place your wager today with 12Play best esports betting Malaysia, you can enjoy a huge sports selection, great bet types, update the latest live matches, most competitive odds in the town which offers you the best value in any esports game you bet on!

Esports Casino Malaysia Bookmaker: Inplay Matrix

Inplay Matrix is a legal bookmaker company, providing our gamblers a high quality of entertainment experience. As Asian’s leading iGaming partner, Inplay Matrix is famous for its reliable technology and tip top services. Their optimized interface, multiple languages and currencies has attracted gamblers from all over the world. You can now place your bet on your favourite esports in 12Play online casino Malaysia with Inplay Matrix.

The Criterias of Best Esports Casino Malaysia Online

There are a lot of esports betting Malaysia online casino sites on the web that can be found easily. But what is a criteria of a good esports betting Malaysia site? Here in 12Play online casino Malaysia has arranged a few significant criterias that you may take into consideration before you begin your esports betting journey.

  • Variety of Esports Coverage 12Play esports betting Malaysia provides you a lot of esports games that you can wager on. We always welcome our gamblers to bet more than one esports games to increase the chances of winning.
  • Opening Bonuses and Promotions If you bet in 12Play Malaysia, you are entitled to receive sign up bonuses as a new member, with terms and conditions apply. Please get your free sign up today in order to enjoy our exclusive rebates!
  • Language options You can choose to play in English or Chinese when you bet in 12Play esports betting Malaysia. We are breaking the language barriers by providing our casino gamblers an interface in 2 different languages, ranging from English and Chinese. Hence, you are free to select their preferable language.
  • Preferred Currencies 12Play online casino supports 2 regions, which are in Malaysia and also in Singapore. Despite where you are, you can search 12Play online casino Malaysia or 12Play online casino Singapore to enjoy your gambling games at your fingertips.

Famous Esports Tournaments & League among Malaysians

What esports games should I bet on? This might be a typical question for new gamblers when they first encounter with esports casino Malaysia. In 12Play esports betting Malaysia, we will share some of the famous esports games that you can bet on. This will provide you a decent opportunity to make good betting decisions. Hence, help you to improve your winning chances. Esports Leagues has been organized over the years. Some of the prize pools for famous tournaments can go up to millions of USD dollars up for competitions. Among the Esports Games, the most popular games that have the largest fanbase would definitely be Dota2.

12Play esports casino features all big Dota2 tournaments or leagues. This includes tournaments such as Dota2 The International, annual Dota Summit and StarLadder i-League Invitational. Alongside all the Dota2 Leagues, 12Play also covers all tournaments in League of Legends, CS:GO, PUBG, Warcraft 3, CrossFire, Fortnite, RL, Rainbow 6, NBA2K and more. 12Play esports betting Malaysia has always been the forefront for esports betting. For whatever esports betting Malaysia you are looking for, 12Play esports casino Malaysia has your covered! You can find all favourite esports odds and bet types here just with a few clicks. Support your favourite esport team now!

Choose 12Play Online Casino Malaysia for Esports Betting

Online gambling world is always complicated and tricky. In 12Play esports casino Malaysia, we want to break obstacles and provide a platform for all the gamblers in an easier way, bring more fun for esports betting Malaysia. We are an established online casino with good reputations in the market. Other than the easy navigation of our website, we allow different deposit methods. You don’t have to worry about delayed withdrawal payout that might happen on other low rated online betting sites. Our withdrawal process is easy and fast with 100% guaranteed payment. Moreover, 12Play esports betting Malaysia gives you the most competitive odds and lines as compared to other Malaysia betting operators. We constantly compare our prices against other betting sites to make sure you get the best value odds for Dota2, CS:GO, LOL, Call of Duty or other leagues. Not only sports and esports betting, you can also find interesting 3D games, slot machine games, live casino games, which include live roulette, baccarat, blackjack, poker, and many more.

Popular Betting Options in Esports

For beginners, here are some overviews for the betting options available in esports betting Malaysia. This may help you to understand esports casino Malaysia in more detail. You can choose your betting preference and win big on 12Play online casino Malaysia website. If you need more details about casino online Malaysian guide, kindly refer to our blog pages. We had prepared a lot of online casino useful tips for all our gamblers.

Real Money Betting

Real Money Betting is a most common form of esports betting Malaysia that is closest to the traditional sports betting. Players place their bets at agreed odds and get paid when the predictions of the outcome are correct.

Skin Betting

Skin Betting is a bet type that is very popular among the fans. It is also known as item betting. In these video games, there are usually virtual currencies and other gaming items that can be transferred between the players. Skin Betting is when players use these currencies and items to bet on the tournament’s outcome as a replacement of real money.

Fantasy Betting

Fantasy betting is different from traditional gambling where instead of the game’s outcome, where you place your bets on favour players. In a tournament, you will get points based on the performances of the supported players. Throughout the end of the tournaments, the one who gets the most points will receive their payouts.

12Play Best Esports Betting Malaysia Summary

12Play esports betting Malaysia offers a comprehensive range of casino games, with 100% transparency. For instance, 918Kiss, 4D casino lottery betting, jackpot slots, live casino games and many more. We have the best betting odds for all the online casino gambling games. Additionally, our 12Play best customer service will be able to assist you in any issues regarding your esports casino Malaysia betting experience. Feel free to drop us a message when you encounter problems. You can find us through email at or live chat. You can use alternative ways to reach us through social media apps, such as Skype, WeChat or Telegram. Our team will respond to you as fast as possible.

If you are seeking sports or esports betting in Malaysia, you will find betting 12Play online casino Malaysia is the best course for you. Register with us now and enjoy today. You can do any deposit or withdraw money easily just at your fingertips. Apart from that, all the great promotions and latest bonuses are launched for all our members. You can begin your esports betting Malaysia journey with 100% welcome bonus, daily promotions, deposit bonus and many more. A lot of tempting promotions are waiting for you. Online casino app download for mobile and desktop is now available for 12Play esports betting Malaysia. Our online casino is a great gambling platform which combines the feeling of thrills, entertainment and excitement. Join us today to win real money!