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Enjoy 12play Exclusive Slots Machine: 12SLOT

To provide a full casino game experience and benefits for 12play users, we are delighted to introduce 12Slot, an exclusive slot machine game with lots of splendid offerings especially for our members. All 12play users can become members and can start enjoying great deals from playing 12Slot right away.

12Slot is an exciting online slot game, which is exclusively for our loyal members in appreciation. When you play the usual slots game, you have to deposit money and use the credits to play. Different from other slots casino, we reward you with no deposit free spins simply for becoming a member in our casino online Malaysia.

All you need to do is just open an account at 12play to become our member. As a 12play member, you can earn Free Coins and play casino bonus games whenever you deposit money at our online gambling casino.

12Slot Fortune Spin vs Online Slot Game in 12Play

Online slot game can be confusing, but 12Slot is easy to play and it all comes down to luck. Our 12Slot only consists of 1 row, with 4 spinning reels on the online slots machine. Compared to other online slots game, our pay line is much simpler. You just need to match the same symbols to form a winning combination. The symbols we have are such as the 12Play logo with the highest payouts, followed by other symbols such as Number 7, Gold bars, Gold Coins, Four Leaf Clovers, Oranges, Grapes and Spades. Pick 12Slot to win real money now!

FREE Coins: Gold vs Silver for 12Slot

There are two types of Coins you can get for free: Gold Coin and Silver Coin. When the Silver Coin is inserted, you will be able to spin 3 of the 4 reels in the online slots machine. The prize you win when playing slot casino will be based on what symbols appear. For instance, if you get 3 “Number 7”, you win $822.

In contrast, if you get Gold Coins, you’ll get a higher exclusivity. You can spin all 4 reels on our 12Slot machine to win more money than you get for Silver Coin. You just have to insert the free coin, hits the “SPIN” button and start spinning!

12Play Jackpot Game: GRAND JACKPOT

At 12play Casino Online, you can find not only usual slots games online, but also Progressive Jackpot slots! If you’re a fan of the biggest rewards, you will love our progressive jackpot slots.

The total amount of the “Grand Jackpot'' will keep on growing until a lucky player hits a high winning combination. Only the player who gets the Gold Coin are able to spin all 4 reels on our 12Slot machine and will stand a chance to win “Grand Jackpot ''. If matching 12play logos appear on 12Slot machine, you WIN! It’s really simple and there are no specific skills needed to play our 12Slot machine!

These FREE coins for the 12Slot machine are generally unlocked by the amount you deposited. As a 12play member, you’ll get closer to earn exclusive rewards every time you deposit. Join 12Play, enjoy free spins slot games and unlock all the exclusive rewards now!